<body style="background-color:transparent"> &nbsp;正益機械工業股份有限公司簡介  本公司成立於西元1970年,專門生產製罐機械與食品機械的製造,往年專門生產半自動電熔製胴機及自動電熔製胴機,並且利用自己生產的自動電熔機,從事生產高壓空罐及販售至今不曾間斷,本公司不曾間斷的研發新型的自動剪刀機外,至今更研發新型的自動高速塗膠乾燥機,此機型屬於水性塗膠乾燥機,除可提供食品罐蓋使用外,亦可供高壓罐蓋使用。  此部機械除了提高速度、性能外,機械運轉中亦不會有太大的聲響,該自動塗膠機的操作簡易,且塗膠速度與膠量的轉速都可相互配合調整,機械的故障率少,罐蓋的擦傷率低,生產率也跟著提昇。  本公司董事長林次郎具有製造製罐機械的經驗達六十年以上,本廠備有現成的高速塗膠機,以及生產高壓空罐(如殺蟲劑、髮麗香、噴漆等空罐)的全套機器設備供參觀,歡迎到廠參觀指教。&nbsp;BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF JENQ YIH MACHINERY CO., LTDThe company was established in 1970, specializing in the production of canning machinery and food machinery manufacturing, in previous years specializing in the roduction of semi-automatic welding system and automatic welding machine, and the use of their own production of automatic welding machine, engaged in production. The company has not been intermittent research and development of new automatic slitter, has so far more research and development of new automatic high-speed lining dryer, this model is water-based compound dryer, in addition to providing food cans cover use, but also for&nbsp;high-pressure cans to use.This machine inaddition to improving the speed, performance, the mechanical operation will not have much noise, the automatic lining machine operation is simple, and the&nbsp;lining speed and angular velocity of glue can be adjusted with each other, the mechanical failure rate less, the cover of the galling rate is low, productivity also followed upgrade.The company's chairman Lin Tzu Lang has the experience of manufacturing cans machinery for more than 60 years, the factory with ready-made high-speed lining machine, and the production of high-pressure cans (such as pesticides, hair&nbsp;spray, painting and other empty cans) Equipment for the visit, welcome to visit the factory advice.&nbsp; </body>